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FIREMASK™ SAVES LIVES. FIREMASK™ is the best filtration mask on the market because of its affordability and the degree of protection it offers. FIREMASK™ SAVES LIVES IN HOTELS. Can you imagine for a moment being caught on the 25th floor of a hotel and a fire breaks out on the 2nd floor? If you do not have a FIREMASK™ your chances of survival are very minimal.  With FIREMASK™ you will have ONE HOUR to evacuate using the emergency stairs in total safety.  Make sure to book hotels that have FIREMASK™ in every room. FIREMASK™ SAVES LIVES OF RETIREES. Did you know that on average 45 minutes are required to evacuate a retirement home?  In these conditions, FIREMASK™ may be your only chance of survival, especially if your mobility is impaired or you are on the upper floors. FIREMASK™ SAVES LIVES IN HIGH RISES. FIREMASK™ provides 60 valuable minutes to reach safety. You can go down the staircase with ease in heavy smoke.  All buildings of four floors and above should have one mask per person. Make sure to ask your building management to have FIREMASK™ at every floor. FIREMASK™ SAVES LIVES IN SCHOOLS AND PUBLIC PLACES. In case of disaster, public places can become hazardous. It only takes few seconds to put on your FIREMASK™ and then you can safely get to the nearest exit.


There are many different places where FIREMASK™ is essential to your survival. Have you thought of your mother, your children, your husband/spouse at the office?


FIREMASK™ is easy to use and takes 30 seconds to put on in 5 easy steps. Follow our illustrated guide to be prepared in case of emergency.

Our Products

Filming the Kickstarter for our new product the PREP

Filming the Kickstarter for our new product the PREP

Firemask FM60 is an anti-smoke mask

The FIREMASKTM is respiratory protective device for protection against smoke, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, toxic gases, fire, and radiant heat.

It is made of very high quality materials in order to offer you the maximum protection. Its primary function is to protect you against intense smoke during an emergency exit.

At FIREMASK™, we take your security very seriously.

All right reserved. FIREMASK™ is a trademark of FIREMASK inc.